Pulling my finger out on the untreated weeds that are in abundance throughout Cowick

I’ve been contacted by a a resident about a number of issues, including the untreated weeds that are in abundance throughout Cowick.

While I am in the mood possibly someone can tell me exactly what my council tax is spent on ?

This year the council “forgot” to spray the weeds on the edges of the roads and when they finally remembered they announced it was too late to do it this year.

He concludes  “it is about time our representatives pulled your collective fingers out and started doing what you were elected for.”

This is what we have been doing about the weeds
As ever, this is a Devon County Council  issue in their remit as Highways Authority.

Although ECC do the actual spraying, they do it on behalf of DCC.

So it wasn’t ECC who forgot to treat the weeds, it was DCC who forgot to send the official order.

Without he official paperwork from County officers, ECC do not get paid.

And that it  in turns means means more pressure on the other services ECC delivers on your behalf.

It might surprise you that only 8% of your Council Tax paid to ECC remains with ECC – that’s a round £2.50 a week for a Band D propoerty. The balance goes to DCC, Devon & Cornwall Police, and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service.