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Dear Councillors,

To follow up on my previous emails regarding the Your Future Care consultation, I now attach details of a series of roadshows that have been organised across North, East and West Devon.

The Your Future Care programme aims to bring about a consistent model of care across Northern, Eastern and Western Devon (NEW Devon).

In the Eastern locality of Devon there is a public consultation taking place about the number of inpatient beds required at hospitals in the area. Elsewhere, including in North Devon and West Devon, we are seeking views over how an integrated model could work in practice. We want to seek your views on the new model of care and hope will be able to come along to these roadshows, and we also need your help with publicising these events as widely as possible.

Everyone living in NEW Devon should be able to access great care. At present many of our most vulnerable groups and populations receive lower levels of support. We are continually looking to improve the services we provide to ensure that people have the maximum opportunity to retaining their well-being and independence.

We have to find a way to maximise the care we can provide, making the best use of our scarce resources.

Details of the roadshows can be found in the flyer below.


We have also added two additional dates to the list of public event meetings that we are holding in the Eastern locality of Devon.  These will be in Honiton and Exeter.  A flyer for this is also attached.


For information – The Eastern locality of Devon covers East Devon, Exeter and Mid Devon and parts of West Devon, including Okehampton.

Healthwatch Devon | NHS Consultations – Have Your Say


NHS Consultations – Have Your Say

Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group [NEWDevonCCG] is launching a formal consultation, on community health services in Eastern Devon.

The consultation, called Your Future Care”, will run from the 7th October 2016 to the 6th January 2017.  There will be roadshow events, where people can find out more, and public meetings, where proposed service changes will be discussed.

There are regular newsletters to keep people up to date.

Devon is not alone in looking at changes to how health and care services are provided.  Right across England, the NHS has been required to put together “Sustainability and Transformation Plans”.  These will pave the way for greater joining-up of health and care services, across organisational and geographical boundaries.

The changes are being driven by multiple pressures on health and care services.  We have an ageing population, with more people having long term and complex health conditions.  Money is of course a factor, with continuing financial pressures on public services.  “Workforce development” matters too, with concerns about how the NHS might be staffed post-Brexit.  Other considerations include the physical condition of older NHS buildings, transport issues and so on.

It’s a complex picture, and health service managers will have to juggle many competing priorities.  Among all of this, it is important that they hear what patients and the general public have to say.  We will continue to publicise and support the public meetings and surveys so that as many people as possible can be involved in the debate.

Further reading:
NHS Confederation: Understanding sustainability and transformation plans [30 September 2016]


NEW Devon CCG | Your Future Care – Newsletter #5










Newletter #5 | 30 September 2016

NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group’s [NEWDevonCCG] Governing Body met in public on Wednesday 28 September to discuss the Your Future Care consultation on community services in the Eastern* locality of Devon.

* The Eastern locality refers to the area of Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon and parts of West Devon, including Okehampton.

 Following agreement by the CCG’s Governing Body to proceed with a public consultation on community services, people will now be given the opportunity to find out more about the Your Future Care consultation and to have their say.

The Your Future Care consultation will launch on Friday 7 October 2016, and will run until Friday 6 January 2017.

At the Governing Body meeting, a comprehensive model of care for people who are frail or elderly was discussed by health commissioners from Northern, Eastern and Western Devon.

This includes changes to the way community services are provided and could result in a reduction of inpatient beds at some locations.  The CCG’s Governing Body were presented with four options for a public consultation process.The model responds to the views of patients and clinical staff about what they wish to see provided in future.

More than 80 clinicians have worked on the model, which could see a much more responsive service in people’s homes – where it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Now we have agreed to go ahead with public consultation with a set of clear options for local people to consider, we want to encourage people to get involved and have their say on how community services should be provided in the future.

The proposals have been expressed as four options, outlined in full below.

In addition to the consistent and enhanced provision of community health and social care delivered in people’s homes, the services will be supported by consolidated community inpatient beds in the following possible configurations:

  • Option A Beds at Tiverton (32), Seaton (24) and Exmouth (16)
  • Option B Beds at Tiverton (32), Sidmouth (24) and Exmouth (16)
  • Option C Beds at Tiverton (32), Seaton (24) and Exeter (16)
  • Option D Beds at Tiverton (32), Sidmouth (24) and Exeter (16)

The preferred option is A, as this combination results in the smallest changes in travel time and has greatest whole system impact.

Honiton Hospital and Okehampton Hospital do not appear in any of the shortlisted options.  Subject to consultation, the proposal would mean that there will be no inpatient beds on either of these sites and the new model of care would be implemented.

Once the consultation starts, a series of roadshows will provide a drop-in environment for people to come along to and speak with clinicians and other NHS staff about the proposed changes and find out more about the new models of care.

These will be followed with public meetings throughout November and December – where clinicians and managers will present information about the proposed changes. A full programme of events will be published shortly and this will be shared widely.

Information about the consultation will be available on the NEW Devon CCG website, under Your Future Care here.

We will be in touch with further detail in the coming days and weeks, including details of planned events, information about how the consultation document will be made available and more detail about how people will have their opportunity to get involved in the consultation.

We would like this communication to be two-way, so any feedback or comments are very welcome, either on email to: by phone on 01392 356197, or by post to Success Regime, NHS NEW Devon CCG, Newcourt House, Newcourt Drive, Old Rydon Lane, Exeter EX2 7JQ.


UNISON | Help us make home care services better





Over 500,000 adults in the UK rely on homecare workers to get them out of bed, wash them, brush their teeth, help them take their medication and much more. But homecare workers are worried. Councils are allowing care providers to cut corners and the elderly and disabled people that need homecare are not getting the support they should.

Thousands of care workers are deeply concerned about the state of the care sector in the UK, but many are afraid to speak out publicly as they risk losing their jobs. It’s time to listen to them. Save Care Now is a UNISON campaign to raise the voices of homecare workers and improve the homecare sector.

We are calling on councils to sign UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter, a set of commitments that together ensure the health, safety, and dignity of the UK’s most vulnerable people.







As a result, I have been contacted by local residents:

Dear Cllr Paul Bull

I live in your ward and I’m concerned about the treatment of vulnerable people who rely on homecare.

I was helping to care for a disabled man who was confined to a wheelchair. His wife asked if we could just give his back a quick wash before putting him to bed, as he felt much more comfortable then. I was told by the other carer with me that it wasn’t on the task sheet, so we couldn’t – even though we had a bowl of hot water and flannel to wash his hands and face! Despite me asking the office to add this to the task sheet, it never got done.  This was a man who had fought during World War II and we could not even wash his back.”

This is testimony from a homecare worker, and I don’t want this outrageous situation to take place in our area.

I know that some companies that provide care are cutting corners. Care visits are often too short, many care workers are under-trained and (illegally) paid below the minimum wage, and not enough effort is made to ensure vulnerable people see regular carers rather than a succession of strangers.

I want my council to sign up to UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter, a set of commitments that can be implemented over time and will ensure we avoid these problems in our area. Will you support me? If you are in a position to make this happen, please contact UNISON. If you don’t directly commission home care services, I would be grateful if you would pass on my concerns to the person responsible for services in your local area.

The charter is proven to work – several councils have already signed up, and are seeing the benefits. It’s even saving them money as it means less people need to go into care homes.

Please visit http// to find out more.

My response:

Many thanks for contacting me via Unison’s #SaveCareNow campaign and asking me to support homecare workers and improve the homecare sector.

I have already signed up to the campaign and talked to Unison about the fault in their website which directs the e-mails from supporters like yourself to City Councillors rather that to where this sits, the upper tier Devon County Council.

I fully support the comments already outlined by my colleague, Cllr Heather Morris.

I’m not sure if you are aware, early this week I and my Exeter Labour colleagues supported the continuation of the warden services for Exeter’s sheltered accommodation following the withdrawal of funding by DCC.

Happy to talk further


Cllr Paul Bull
Labour and Cooperative Councillor for Cowick
Member Champion for Community Engagement