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In 48 hours, the Chancellor Philip Hammond could go ahead with plans to cut support for hard-working families. [1] If that happens, it’ll mean people choosing between the weekly food shop or heating their homes.

Can you add your name to the petition calling on Philip Hammond to reverse the cuts? Click the button below and your name will be added to the petition automatically.

Here’s what the petition says:
To:  Philip Hammond, Chancellor

Don’t cut support for hard-working families

The support – called Universal Credit – is supposed to help people earning low wages get by. [2] But these cuts will see some families lose £200 a month. [3] That’s an entire month’s food shop.

Together we’ve stood up to cuts like these before – and won. [4] When the government tried to cut tax credits last year, we forced them to back down. It started with a huge petition, signed by people like you. It ended with relief for thousands of people across the UK.

Philip Hammond is already feeling the pressure over these cuts. If one of us asks him to reverse them, it might not be enough to convince him. But if thousands of us add our names to one huge petition, it’ll be hard for Philip Hammond to ignore.

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Trish, Lorna, Charlotte and the 38 Degrees team

PS: If you’re not sure if you’ll be affected by cuts to Universal Credit, you can find out more at Citizens Advice:

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