Westside future

Cllr Paul Bull outside Westside
Cllr Paul Bull outside Westside


Express and Echo

Thursday 07 May 2015


Local councillors are ‘hopeful’ that Westside will be a success story.

The optimism of councillors Paul Bull and Roy Hill comes after a public meeting about the future of the centre was held earlier this month.

Cllr Hill said: “The people at the meeting were pretty positive and I am very hopeful that everything will be OK.”

“I received comments from residents saying they feel confident in Exeter YMCA and their ability to deliver high quality youth provision.”

The centre is to be taken over by YMCA Exeter and will be used as a community hub.

Cllr Paul Bull said: “The new plan for Westside is as a community hub for all of Cowick and beyond.”

“For that to be successful, we need local residents to be actively involved in helping provide and deliver activities, rather than just attend events at Westside.

“The next stage of the consultation is sounding fun – a picnic on the park, with luck accompanied by a barbecue, with a chance to talk to YMCA staff and councillors about ideas for the hub.”

A date has yet to be announced.


Confusion over consultation on Exeter boundary changes

Express and Echo

Thursday 07 May 2015




AT noon on Monday, the public consultation on the draft recommendations for the new electoral arrangements for Devon County Council closed.

However, the public consultation on the draft recommendations on electoral arrangements for Exeter City Council continues for another month, closing on August 10.

The final recommendations from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE)for both reviews are due to be published on September 29.

Cowick councillor Paul Bull has represented the ward for the past four years and said: “The two reviews, running almost concurrently, are causing confusion, and that isn’t helped by the fact that Devon County Council’s electoral boundaries will no longer relate to Exeter’s ward boundaries; at present, a county council electoral division is made up of two complete city council wards – as we go forward, that won’t be the case. To use the technical term, they will no longer be co-terminous.

“I – but more importantly, the general public – would have thought that the building blocks for divisions of upper-tier authorities would be the ward boundaries of lower-tier councils and the review of Exeter’s boundaries should have taken place before the Devon electoral review.”

Cllr Bull has also pointed out a drafting error to LGBCE.

He said: “If you look at a street map, there seems to be a close affinity between Nadder Park Road and Wheatley Close and the apparently nearby Branscombe Close and High Meadows.

“However, the actual layout on the ground means it is impossible to cut through from one to the other – there is no direct route to get from Nadder Park Road to Branscombe Close – the journey involves travelling along Barley Lane, Barley Farm Road, Charley Avenue and High Meadows.

“In addition, the stretch of Barley Lane from Redhills to the junction with Nadder Park Road is a narrow country lane – the two main approaches to Nadder Park Road are via either Barley Lane from Dunsford Road or Barley Farm Road.

“For these reasons, I suggested moving Nadder Park Road and Wheatley Close from the proposed Redhills/Exwick division to the new Alphington/St Thomas one.

“It is worth noting that this suggested boundary line is reflected in the new St Thomas ward in the draft recommendations on the new electoral arrangements for Exeter City Council.”

Surfacing works on Merrivale Road – 13 July 2015

Some you will have seen the sign at the junction of Merrivale Road and Bowhay Lane, others at the junction with Myrtle Road.

2015-07-08 18.53.15

The road will be closed for one day on MONDAY 13 JULY and this is outlined in a Temporary TRO – TTRO1510966 – and accompanying map.



I’ve seen a detailed notification letter from SWH giving more detail, highlighting that the works will involve essential surfacing works and the TTRO provides a closure notice for the day.



It seems the road will be planed off to remove the upper section and then fresh tarmac will be put down to the pre-existing level of concrete.

But no-one has explained why this stretch, rather than – say – Somerset Avenue, Sussex Close or even Dorset Avenue is being re-surfaced!