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Queue for your GP if Pharmacy closes


Dear Councillor,

Last week, pharmacists and Labour MPs formed a queue outside Parliament to demonstrate the impact pharmacy closures would have on GPs. As winter nears, the need for pharmacy is getting greater for vulnerable people and the pressure on A&E and the NHS as a whole is rising. This article published on Monday further stressed the need for relieving this pressure.

We need to keep up the pressure on the government, help us spread the message that closing community pharmacies is a dangerous experiment and that limiting access to pharmaceutical care will drive more people through the doors of GPs and A&E at a time we need to be relieving pressure on those services.

Share this article, and this photo with your colleagues and on social media.

Best wishes,

Ian Strachan
Chair of the National Pharmacy Association

National Pharmacy Association | URGENT: Lobby your MP to support the pharmacy vote on Wednesday

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URGENT: Lobby your MP to support the pharmacy vote on Wednesday

Dear Councillor,


The Department of Health has now announced its cuts to community pharmacy, and they are as damaging as it was suspected; only 1 in 10 pharmacies are to be protected from the cuts, and the poorest communities are likely to be the ones who suffer the most from these damaging plans. The DH impact assessment is flawed; they simply do not know how many pharmacies may have to close.

These cuts will limit pharmacies’ ability to play a key part in providing local healthcare, from treating common ailments through to healthy living support programmes tailored to the communities they serve. Community pharmacies are a local lifeline in the NHS – yet the DoH has made it clear that they do not see this value, and in your constituency several may yet have to close as a result of these cuts.

This will increase pressure on already-overburdened NHS services locally – and with GP surgeries, doctors and nurses and A&E departments all overstretched. The Department of Health plans to start making these cuts from December 1st – right in the middle of winter when resources in the NHS are already stretched.

This Wednesday, the 2nd of November, there will be a vote in Parliament over these damaging plans.

Please write to your MP asking them to support the vote to stop the plans. We’ve created an easy to use website with suggested email copy (which you can customise):

Share this email with friends, family and colleagues and ask that they do the same.

I hope we can count on your support.

Thank you,

Ian Strachan
Chair, National Pharmacy Association

House of Commons Library Debate Pack CDP 2016-0199 | Community pharmacies

House of Commons Library Constituency data on pharmacies (Excel Spreadsheet, 793.02 KB)



38 Degrees | Pharmacies closed in EX25HG?






The government’s planning big funding cuts which could close thousands of pharmacies before Christmas. [1] It’s splashed all over the news, but we’ve got a chance to stop it.

The government’s still making their final decision, and they’re due to make an official announcement soon. [2] That means that this weekend, they’ll be talking about how to put a stop to the negative headlines on pharmacy closures. A wave of public pressure before Monday could tip the balance and keep our pharmacies open.

If 100,000 of us add our names to the petition, we’ll send it to the government ministers on Monday morning. Please add your name now:  Sign the petition

Pharmacies put a healthcare expert on every high street in the country. They’re here for us when we need advice – like late on a Saturday night when your child’s cough is getting worse and you’re not sure what to do. And thousands of us rely on nearby pharmacies to make sure we’re never without the inhaler that could save our lives, or the daily medication that keeps us healthy.

38 Degrees members believe everyone should have access to medicine, no matter where you live or how much money you’ve got. That means making sure we’ve all got a pharmacy close enough to home that we can get to quickly when we’re worried.

If you want to stop pharmacy closures, please will you add your name to the petition now? Sign the petition

Thanks for being involved,

Amy, Holly, Laura and the 38 Degrees team

[1] BBC News: Pharmacy funding cuts ‘could force closures’:
[2] According to the BBC News article, the Department of Health said that they hadn’t yet made a final decision:

National Pharmacy Association | Decisions about the future of your local pharmacies are just days away

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Decisions about the future of your local pharmacies are just days away

About the campaign

Keep the ‘Community’ in ‘Community Pharmacy’.

The Department of Health recently announced a reduction of £170m to the funding of community pharmacies in England this year and it has not ruled out more cuts to follow. It’s believed that potentially 3,000 pharmacies could close (that’s a quarter of all pharmacies). At the same time, government officials have suggested that people should make more use of the internet to obtain medicines. Your local pharmacies are more than just places to get medicines.

The Local Government Association has criticised the Department of Health for overlooking the role of community pharmacy as a ‘much needed social and economic asset’.  The LGA predicted ‘unintended consequences that impact elsewhere in the local community’.

Your local pharmacies are more than just places to get medicines. Help us ensure they stay here for you, the people you represent and future generations.

Find out more about the campaign:  or contact Stephen Fishwick on 07920 494081.


Dear Councillor Bull,

I spoke to many MPs, councillors and other delegates at the Party conference earlier this month, about Department of Health proposals for ‘efficiencies’ in community pharmacy in England.

It became apparent that many people believed, mistakenly, that these plans are on hold, following an announcement from Ministers in early September. In fact, cuts to local pharmacy services could begin as early as 1st December, just weeks away, and at the worst possible time in terms of loading winter pressures onto GPs and hospitals.

Community pharmacies play a far bigger role than many people realise. Along with dispensing medicines they play a key part in providing local healthcare, from treating minor ailments through to healthy living support programmes tailored to the communities they serve.
We need councillors like you to campaign to stop the closure of local pharmacies at the heart of the community. We are pleased to have the support of politicians from all parties, in parliament and in councils across the country.

You can help to secure this vital local health resource. Please:
Propose a Motion – in support of local pharmacies, for your council to consider. Newcastle City Council is one of a number of councils to have adopted Motions.
Contact your local MP
• Spread the word on social media – using the infographics here. Use #lovemypharmacy to be part of the nationwide conversation.

Best wishes,

Stephen Fishwick
Head of Communications

More reading:
LGA Media Release: Councils respond to Government announcement on pharmacies [20 October 2016]

LGA: Community pharmacy: Local government’s new public health role [October 2013]

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