Sylvan Heights | Estate agents boards

Spring has sprung and there seems to be an outbreak of estate agents signs on the public highway outside Sylvan Heights on Barley Lane.

Estate agents boards

I understand from DCLG booklet ” Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers” that these signs are covered under class 3a.

Class 3: Temporary Advertisements
Class 3 gives consent for a wide variety of notices and signs which are usually displayed to publicise a forthcoming event, or to advertise a short-term use of the advertisement site. Class 3 is divided into six separate categories – (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) – each with its own provisions for deemed consent.

Class 3(A) permits boards to be displayed by such firms as estate agents, chartered surveyors, auctioneers and valuers, advertising that land or premises are for sale or to let. The advertisement board for each sale or letting must not exceed, if the sale or letting is for agricultural, industrial or commercial use or development for such use, 2 square metres; but,

if two boards are joined together to form a single advertisement, a total surface area of 2.3 square metres is permitted. 

If the sale or letting is for residential use or development, the advertisement board must not exceed 0.5 of a square metre, or a total area of 0.6 of a square metre for two joined boards. 

No advertisement board is allowed to extend outwards from the wall of a building by more than 1 metre. 

In each case only one board may be displayed on premises and this must be removed not later than 14 days after completion of the sale or granting of the tenancy.

From what I’ve read this means that:

Any board advertising property for sale or to let must be displayed (only) on the property to which it relates.

This  appears is quite specific and each and every one of these signs is in breach of this condition – even the ones for flats within Sylvan Heights as the signs should be ‘on the flat’ that this is for sale or to let, or in ‘any part of the grounds that are enjoyed by that flat’.

I have asked Devon County Council – as the Highways Authority – to pursue these breaches and also asked Exeter City Council about any enforcement action they can take over the sign heavily cable-tied to the ECC Eton Walk street name sign