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20 August 2015

Alphington Village Forum has approved of the county council’s new site for a park and ride on the Ide side of the A30 instead of the original plan for it on the other side of the road on part of the Alphin Brook conservation area.

In its sreponse the Forum said: “The Alphington Village Forum, representing the residents of the village, strongly opposed the use of an area designated as a conservation area and a valley park being converted to a concreted Park &Ride.

“There are few enough green spaces like this in Alphington and we need to preserve them.

“We would be happy to accept the development of the so-called Round Field as the future Park & Ride if there really must be one at the A30/Alphington junction.

“However, we don’t believe it will help very much with the terrible traffic congestion currently on Alphington Road as this will just fill up again with all the cars coming from the 2,500 new homes being built in the near future in South West Exeter.

“Also, we cannot image drivers wishing to leave their cars in order to sit on a crowded bus in a slow-moving traffic jam!

“For that reason, we suggest that the park & ride bus goes the opposite way, past the entrance to Ide and then turn right at the T-junction and up over Dunsford Hill and down Cowick Street. It could also pick up residents from Ide on the way.”

Alphington P&R – another delay

By way of an update, I’ve just been informed that the current planning application (by Devon County Council as Transport/Highway Authority to itself as Planning Authority) has been formally deferred until summer 2013 at the earliest.

DCC as applicant says it needs more time to submit the additional information required in connection with the environmental impact, for the following reasons:-

  1. To await the outcome of ECC’s consultation on the Site Allocations and Development Management DPD.
  2. To explore and identify redesign options to reduce the cost of the overall scheme.
  3. To consider options to reduce the footprint of the park and ride site and associated impacts on green space.

The planning officer has indicated that other parts of the submitted information will need to be updated nearer the time, including some of the ecological surveys. A further consultation period will follow before the application can be determined.

I’ll keep you informed, although in the light of this, I don’t think there will be anything more to report until the middle of next year at the earliest.


Aphington Park & Ride – a delay

Earlier this week, I heard of plans to delay the submission of the Alphington P&R planning application.

It appears that due to the fact that  the consultation document for Teignbridge District Core Strategy process known as  Plan Teignbridge allows for a new P&R facility within the new Teignbridge SW Exeter development south of the A379

Devon County Council has been reviewing the timing of the submission of the additional information that is required for the Alphington P&R planning application and has decided to delay submission until May or June. This will allow DCC to assess the implications of the new park and ride site proposed in the Teignbridge Core Strategy.

The Development Management committee site visit and meeting will follow submission of the additional information.