The Cowick Rose | Paul Bull – YOUR Labour candidate for Cowick

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Paul Bull – YOUR Labour candidate for Cowick

Cowick Labour Party are pleased to announce thatĀ Paul BullĀ will be standing as the Labour & Co-operative Party candidate for the forthcoming Exeter City Council elections on 05 May 2011.

Paul has previously stood for the City Council in West Exe 3 times and he knows the area well.

We wish him good luck this coming May.

We’ll let Paul introduce himself.

“Hello. And can I say how proud I am to be selected as your Labour candidate for the May elections.

“I was born in the West Country, but moved away to go to university in 1974. It was while at university that my career path changed. I left Plymouth planning to be a research biologist but became sidetracked. I now have a successful career as an award-winning freelance theatre sound designer and sound engineer for a wide range of musical styles.

“During my time at university, as well as developing an interest in theatre and music, I gained a passion for politics.

“In 1994, I gained experience as a councillor when I was elected to Blaby District Council.

“I moved back to the South West and settled in Exeter with my wife, Rachel, in 2004.

“Exeter was a city I never really visited when I was growing up [except for visiting the judo club next to St James Park for area championships].

“Arriving here, I was struck by what an amazing city it is, especially when I realise that I can easily walk from home to the city centre, and experience the unique delights of this glorious city and its surrounding countryside. The Cowick ward with its wonderful walks – such as Hambeer Lane, Ide and Doctor’s Walk – is a perfect example of this.

“As well a Labour candidate, I am also standing for the Co-operatve Party, the sister party to Labour. With that in mind, I would like to promote fair trade, ethical business and community solutions, and all forms of mutual organistion. I believe that we need to create a just and fair society, and that can be achieved by power being evenly spread throughout society and not based on wealth, class, gender or race.

“As a sound engineer, I spend my working life actively listening. If elected, I would be a councillor who actively listens to what you have to save. Help me be that listening voice.”

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