Latest news on Alphington park and ride planning permission

Latest update from Stop Alphington Park and Ride campaign

Devon County Council, in the face of all the opposition,  Exeter City Council coming out against the park and ride,  and ever decreasing public money -are still pressing ahead with their plans to build an 800 space car park on the edge of Alphington and Cowick.

Late February  2012
The additional information, to support the planning application, that Devon County Council’s team have been putting together, is due to be submitted. Assuming this happens, the process will then be:

7th  March
Agenda item at Development Management Committee. For information only ie no decision, and recommending a further site visit by the committee members

March 2012?
DCC should inform everyone who objected last time around, about the new information and give people 30 days to get their comments on the information and any revised application material, to the County Council ie a second round of public consultation

Late March/early April 2012  –
Members’ site visit and site meeting.  (The site meeting is supposed to be some kind of public meeting, but the details are not at all clear).

6 June 2012
Full report at Development Managment Committee for a decision ie saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the planning permission application.

Stop Alphington Park and Ride will be doing all it can to encourage and coordinate people who want to add their voice to those objecting to this hugely wasteful and wrong-headed planning application. All offers of help gratefully received.