St Thomas Community News | Empty homes


Empty Houses

Cllr Hannah Packham and Cllr Paul Bull outside 42 Myrtle Road
Cllr Hannah Packham and Cllr Paul Bull outside 42 Myrtle Road

Residents may have noticed activity round some of the empty properties on the Buddle Lane housing estate.

Exeter City Council still have 20 houses built to the Laing Easiform pattern and are in new of serious attention.

Cllr Paul Bull has been trying to get some council action and he is pleased to announce that work on them will start in the summer.

“The plans to tackle these properties were put on hold by the emergency work caused by the storms two winters ago.

The Easiform design is not thermally efficient and there is a need to do something radical – the council is planning to knock them down and start all over again.

“The work should start in early August, and will be a rolling programme, with a staggered start – one house being started every 3 weeks, and the £2m programme should take 18 months to complete.”

St Thomas Community News | Road Resurfacing


Road Resurfacing


Devon County Council needs to spend £65m to keep the roads in the state they are today, yet have only £35m in their resurfacing budget.

Despite the funding gap, your Labour team continue to press for road resurfacing across the revised St Thomas ward. We’ve already seen work in Newman Road, Stafford Road, Maple Road and very soon Wardew Road.

We welcome the County Council’s announcement that Dorset Avenue has been prioritised and the road surface is planned to be treated as part of next financial year’s programme.