Part-Night Street Lighting…what happens elsewhere?

I have been reviewing Devon County Council’s policy over Part-Night Street Lighting [PNSL] and comparing it with other local authorities.
Last month I was reminded of the criteria DCC use for PNSL, when they gave reasons why the lights weren’t going to left on for Christmas’ Eve and New Year\s Eve.
  • All main routes in the City,
  • A network of walking home routes developed through the consultation process,
  • Areas of high night time activity, like the city centre,
  • Areas under public Order CCTV surveillance,
  • Other lights agreed based on evidence and police support.
So what happens elsewhere?
Appendix 1 gives some good examples of exemptions and perhaps DCC could do with looking at some of them!
– areas where speed limit is 30mph 
This is probably in place – certainly is in Cowick, but only after lobbying by Heather and myself. Could be worth checking other wards?
– areas with 24 hr operational emergency services sites including hospitals
Again, lobbying by Cllr Andy Hannan has covered this for RD&E, but is there anywhere that isn’t covered?
– where there are potential hazards on Highway (traffic islands, etc)
certainly NOT in Cowick
– remote footpaths and alleys linking residential streets
We have this for the one linking Buddle. Lane and Merrivale Road (after lobbying) but no other in Cowick. Other wards?
– areas with sheltered housing and other residencies accommodating vulnerable hospitals
N/A in Cowick, but what about elsewhere?
– Pedestrian crossings and subways 
not sure how DCC have implemented this around the city
I see that Wokingham BC have added bus stops to their list of exemptions – I’m dubious about that one as PNSL happens when buses aren’t running!
In recent months, DCC has gone quite quiet on the actual roll out of PNSL throughout rest of city – I wonder how things are progressing elsewhere in Exeter?