COWICK NEWSLETTER [Winter 2015] | #CowickBuses – The P Bus

We’ve been a bit quiet on the matter of the P bus of late.

All 3 Labour Councillors have met with senior management of Stagecoach SW.

At those meetings, we were told that the current routes from Exwick were seeing 2m a year whereas the P serive carried “only” half a million. So, Stagecoach managers think it doesn’t make commercial sense to alter an of the routes.

Commenting on this view , Paul Bull said: “Of course, we are disappointed with this view. We will continue to monitor the situation and press the case on behalf of our residents.”

The case of the P bus has been raised with local MP, Ben Bradshaw and he has responded:
“Labour is committed to giving communities the stronger legal powers they need to take control of their local bus networks. We want to have real powers devolved so that communities can protect socially important routes and use resources in the best interests of local people. Anything less will fail to do justice to what the bus can offer every one of us.”

But the route the P service takes isn’t the only concern we hear on the doorstep.

We keep hearing about problems over reliability.

“Train services have to publish details of their reliability and I will be asking Stagecoach SW if they have any plans to do likewise over the bus services in Exeter”