Announcing #PassengerPower for the #CowickPBus

27 January 2015 | For immediate release

We have been asked by the Express & Echo for some quotes to accompany an article on the proposal to withdraw evening and Sunday services on the P sroute.

Heather Morris, city councillor for Cowick, said:

“The Cowick Deserves a Better Bus Service campaign will be continuing and mounting, and Councillor Paul Bull has already said that he will be travelling on the P bus during the evenings to talk to residents about the review.

“We will be doing everything we can to ensure that residents in Cowick are aware of the proposal and encourage everyone to respond.

“Within hours of the announcement of the consultation we were contacted by a resident asking what his Council Tax for given that the street lights are switched off in Cowick at 12:30am, the roads are covered in potholes and Cowick’s current bus service fails to serve the needs of the community.

“It’s about time that the county council accepted that we live in a university city with a vibrant night time economy.”

Cllr Paul Bull

“Already the bus route that serves the Cowick community doesn’t allow residents to get to the GP surgery that serves that community:

“Speaking to residents at bus stops and on the buses, they tell us that the bus often doesn’t turn up when it should”

“And now this!”

“Isn’t it time that Stagecoach and DCC started to work with residents and communities to give them a real public transport system

“Cowick has the second highest population overt over 65s out of the 18 wards in the city – and the third highest of those that are in bad- or very-bad health”

“On top of that, 1 in 4 households – that’s 480 families – don’t own a car”

“Losing the evening bus service is a worrying trend and one that will make many elderly people, already isolated social, housebound in the evening”

“I am sure that many bright ideas might come forward during the 12 week consultation period – perhaps the hourly evening service starts earlier than it now does? Is there any chance of keeping the final last bus?”

“This is just the start – the team of Cllrs in Cowick will be speaking to you, and other agencies, to see what can be done”

“But most of all, use your voice in the consultation period. The more people that respond, the harder it will be for Devon County Council to be able to make a case to cut this essential link to the city centre.”

“We will need to motivate some Passenger Power – it’s going to be a case of use or lose it”