Global Justice Now | Demand a parliamentary debate on CETA

Demand a parliamentary debate on CETA

We have a great opportunity to stop CETA, the toxic trade deal between Canada and the EU.

On Wednesday 26 October, the Secretary of State for International Trade, Liam Fox, appeared before the European Scrutiny Committee and apologised for not facilitating a parliamentary debate on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement [CETA]. He said there hadn’t been enough time to have such a debate.

The following day, the Canada / EU summit to sign the deal was postponed as there was a dispute over the contents of CETA in Belgium.

This has created the time to have a Westminster debate on CETA and make sure the UK has a say on the deal before the deal gets signed.

Without such a debate, the deal could be ‘provisionally implemented’ if it passes the European parliament, which means that even if the UK parliament votes against CETA, we’d still be part of the deal for at least 2 years. If the deal is fully approved, however, leaving the deal could take up to 20 years.

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Please email Liam Fox to demand he organises a debate immediately.

Liam Fox

Please organise a parliamentary debate on CETA

Dear Liam Fox,

In your evidence to the European Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday 26 October, you apologised for not allowing the House of Commons a debate on CETA, the Canada / EU trade deal. You said that we might be seen as blocking the deal if we had delayed a decision by holding a debate.

The deal was due to be signed the following day, but that signing ceremony has been delayed due to the impasse created by the Wallonian Parliament.

Now there is an excellent opportunity to hold a debate in Westminster, for the UK’s parliament to give their view on the deal before most of it is implemented.
Please organise such a debate without delay.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Bull

Brexit :: Taking back control?

So we have voted for Brexit – and one set of politcal elite are claiming the UK can now #TakeBackControl from another political elite.

So who are this new political elite? Nigel Farage (Dulwich and the City), Boris Johnson (Eton and Balliol), Michael Gove (Oxford and The Times), Ian Duncan Smith (Sandhurst and the Scots Guards), John Whittingdale (Winchester and Polticial Secretary to Margaret Thatcher), Chris Grayling (Cambridge and the BBC) etc etc…[HT to @RevRichardColes]. And there are others at the centre of the Vote Leave Brexit clan.

The vote allows Iain Duncan to #TakeBackControl – remember he’s the one that decimated the safety net of #SocialSecurity by attacking the poor, the vulnerable, the caring, the infirm, the long-term sick and the terminally ill by introducing #BedroomTax, #PIP, cuts to disability payments, freezes to Local Housing Allowances and much much more.

The vote allows Chris Grayling to #TakeBackControl – remember he’s the one responsible for the cuts to #LegalAid and the huge increase in charges for Employment Tribunals which means it’s harder for workers to defend their rights against unscrupulous employers. Oh, and he’s the one that wanted the UK to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights [the ECHR hasnothing to do with the EU] and scrap the Human Rights Act [passed in UK Parliament in 1998 to incorporates the rights set out in the ECHR into domestic British law].


The vote allows Michael Gove to #TakeBackControl – remember was Education Secretary he used to look after schools and education. He introduced the controversial #FreeSchool policy – whereby schools could be delivered free of Govt control, and allowing schools to be founded in areas where there was no demand for school places. So rather than the EU and free movement of workers being responsible for overcrowding in schools, it’s Gove’s policies of removing education from local government oversight. Oh and he’s now Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice and he plans to continue the work of Grayling.

The vote allows John Whittingdale to #TakeBackControl – he’s the Secretary of State for Culture , Media and Sport who to change the way the BBC is governed and privatise Channel 4. He wants to oversee the abolition of Public Sector Broadcasting in the UK – currently the envy of the world.

The vote allows Liam Fox to #TakeBackControl – the former Shadow Health Secretary who called for the end to ring-fencing of the NHS budget. And as Defence Secretary in David Cameron’s first Cabinet cut our armed forces.

The vote allows Andrea Leadsom to #TakeBackControl – she’s the one that questioned who may have had doubts about climate change before she was made Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change in May 2015. In the past she has written to the Prime Minister calling for cuts to wind farm subsidies, and she criticised the pre-coalition Labour government for signing up to an EU target that called for 15 per cent of the UK’s energy to come from renewable sources by 2015. She is *persuaded* that hydraulic fracturing [fracking] is safe?

The vote allows Priti Patel to #TakeBackControl – as Minister of State for Employment she told the Institute of Directors in May 2016 that that leaving the EU would be an opportunity to cut EU social and employment protections. In particular, she gave the specific example of exempting self-employed truck drivers from Working Time Directive rights, which means they would be free to drive until they fell asleep at the wheel – not only bad for their health and safety, but for everyone else on the road.

The vote allows Theresa Villiers to #TakeBackControl – she’s the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland who refused to answer questions in the House of Commons about the impact of a #Brexit vote as opposition members stressed the importance of the EU to the Northern Ireland economy. We already know that border controls would be introduced between North and South, and today there have been renewed calls for a united Ireland.

The vote allows Boris Johnson to #TakeBackControl – you know him, the intelligent *buffoon* who will only do what’s best for BoJo.

The vote allows Nigel Farage to #TakeBackControl – he’s the one who earlier today claimed victory ‘without a single shot being fired”. Really, Nigel!

Rant over