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Thursday 04 June 2015

Passenger pleas save the P bus
by Anne Byrne

Appeals to save an Exeter evening bus service have been successful. It is recommended that the evening P bus will continue, and there has been a partial reprieve for the T service – which runs between Exeter and Topsham Quay – which was threatened with being withdrawn complete;y.

Devon County Council held a public consultation on bus services in the spring as it sought to shave £1.7m from its budget.

Recommendations going to Devon County Council’s Cabinet next week include keeping the P bus running in the evening,

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and in the interim running a curtailed T service in the morning.

The T is recommended to run as a ‘shopping time service’ – 9.30am out, 12.30 back from the city centre pending a possible community transport replacement service being found.

Cllr Paul Bull – Reselected as Labour’s candidate for #Cowick

In autumn 2010, I was pleased to be selected as the Labour and Co-operative candidate for Cowick and in May 2011, I was excited to be elected as a City Councillor for the Cowick ward.

Working with my co-Cllr Heather Morris, we have achieved a lot in Cowick, and with the addition of Roy Hill to the team in 2013, we’ve started to make a difference at County level as well.

With all that in mind, I am proud to have been re-selected as the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for the local City Council election next May.

I look forward to talking to many of you over the coming months about what I’ve done for the ward in the past and what I hope I can bring to Cowick in the future.

Here in Cowick, I work with Heather and Roy as part of a team – campaigning together for a community that’s welcomed us – many are now aware they live in the Cowick ward, even though their postal address might be St Thomas or Higher St Thomas

We’ve discovered the previously lost community of Exonia Park – and given park home residents there and across the city a stronger voice.

Both 20 mph zones within Cowick (indeed around Exeter) are now correctly signed and legally enforceable, whatever anyone else might say.

We’ve informed local residents of the advantages and disadvantages of part-night street lighting – and are keeping a watchful eye on reported crime statistics.

Over the past 4 years, we’ve strived to keep you informed of what we’ve been doing for the residents of Cowick.

Throughout those 4 years, we’ve shown the residents of Cowick, West Exe and Exeter that they are better off with a Labour-run City Council.

You’ll be hearing from us over the coming months – on the doorstep, in community meetings, on the buses, maybe in phone calls, emails, tweets and Facebook posts.

And that’s not because there’s an election due – it’s just that’s the way we work as a team in Cowick.

In the past, now and in the future.


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