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Tackling homelessness

People can have their say on a raft of initiatives to tackle homelessness in Exeter and Teignbridge.

Exeter City Council and Teignbridge District Council have drawn up a draft Homelessness Strategy to address the issue. Members of the public have a chance to comment on the strategy, with the consultation ending on 28 March.

The City Council is committed to bring rough sleeping to an end and is determined to help those without a roof over their heads to turn their lives around.

Much of the focus of the strategy is the importance of working together with wider statutory and voluntary organisations to address homelessness.

Among the initiatives within the strategy are the following:

  • Launch a referral service for private landlords to help save private rented tenancies when things start to go wrong
  • Develop alternatives to Bed & Breakfast accommodation in an emergency for families and young people.
  • Consider the design of accommodation options for rough sleepers to provide alternatives for those unable to access current provision
  • Review the impact of Safe Sleep winter provision and determine whether a Night Shelter model is a viable option in the local area to provide emergency accommodation.
  • Improve awareness and quality of leaflets and guides about homelessness, and how to get help.
  • Pilot a Housing First  model of accommodation for entrenched rough sleepers to provide options for those who are failed by existing services.
  • Trial the provision of services outside of the Council offices where clients are more likely to engage.

The strategy can be viewed at:

You can see the strategy and fill in a brief survey by following this link to the Teignbridge website www.teignbridge.gov.uk/policy