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14 April 2016

Shame about lack of arts plan

I note that Ed Vaisey [Minister for Culture – Channel 4 News, 05 April] wants to “put the arts at the centre of our communities.”

What a shame that Exeter City Council does not want to do the same.

S. Broom

Arts in Somerset – Spot the difference

I’ve arrived home after far too long away – recent months have included worked for the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester and touring rural venues with The Kosh‘s production of The Storeroom – to find a mountain of post.

In amongst this pile is the the new season brochure for the Brewhouse in Taunton [with the fabulous Paper Birds visiting with Others in March], along with this postcard

The text on the rear reads:
“The arts in Somerset receive £159.000 from Somerset County Council [the black line]. This represents 0.0004% of the overall spend. A 100% cut out of the arts development budget next year will have the far reaching consequences for life in Somerset.”

And at the bottom:
Draw the line – 100% cuts in one year destroys the cultural core.

My card is currently on it’s way to Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture and the Creative Industries.