Double yellow lines in Cowick…also Alphington and St Thomas

As Highways Authority, Devon County Council has responsibility for double yellow lines in Exeter.

Getting double yellow lines is an expensive legal process – they need to have a Traffic Regulation Order [TRO] drawn up and sealed for the lines can be painted. The TROs need to be advertised and local residents consulted. Costs may vary but could be around £1000 for an advert plus marking of £500, subject to area and length.

For this reason many double yellow lines are advertised in one single TRO.

I know that that I received comments about  difficulties caused by the P bus terminus at Crossmeads I and talking to other councillors across West Exe, I have made the following suggestions to DCC:

1) Barley Lane opp the bus stop outside Sylvan Heights (maybe also around the speed cushions) – to deal with safety problems highlighted by a local resident.

2) The bend on Cowick Lane – currently the subject of e-mails to Cllr Heather Morris and myself

3) Some of the junctions iin and around Coverdale Avenues – again to address safety issues raised by local residents.

4) Fernadale Road/Chieftain Way junction

In addition, I feel there may be a need to look at traffic exiting Larch Road into Church Path Road. The lower part of Church Path Road is one-way, but traffic is allowed to turn left out of Larch Road.

There is perceived safety issue here and I would like to propose that Church Path Road is made one-way along its complete length [similar to all the other roads in this stretch off Cowick Lane] and there is a no left turn out of Larch Road.

Together these concerns affect Cowick, Alphington and St Thomas.