Portfolio priorities for 2016/17

At the Annual Council meeting held on 17 May 2016 , I was appointed Lead Councillor for Communities and Neighbourhoods.


Since then, I have been working on the priorities for the portfolio which I presented tonight at People Scrutiny Committee.


At the meeting, I highlighted the following areas:-

  • further development of the Exeter Community Forum, with the Grants Panel to be operational by Autumn. The City Council Executive maintained ultimate authority on awarding grants;
  • work in conjunction with ICE and Exeter City Futures to utilise the talents that can be found in Exeter’s communities;
  • exploration of how Asset Based Community Development could be introduced across the Council following on from seminars for Senior Councillors and Officers and partners facilitated by Cormac Russell;
  • implementation of the Council’s Equality and Diversity policy
  • renewal of Exeter’s Fairtrade City Status
  • increasing the profile for dementia awareness

I also advised that the first meeting on developing Youth Strategy for Exeter had been held in response to an Exeter Board’s recommendation , and that I would meet with the Portfolio Holder for Customer Access to agree on further progressing the ICE project.

These priorities would be published in the Council’s Corporate Plan 2016/17.