Exeter City Council | Motion on Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plans

At its meeting held on 13 December 2016, Exeter City Council considered a Notice of Motion by Cllr Chris Musgrave under Standing Order No.6.

Minute 80 of the meeting notes:

Notice of Motion by Councillor Musgrave under Standing Order No.6


Councillor Musgrave , seconded by Councillor Morse, moved a Notice of Motion in the following terms:-

“Exeter City Council notes that the Government requires 44 Footprint Areas across the UK to prepare NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans for their area which will:

i. Contribute to cuts of at least £2.5bn nationally this year, and £22bn within the next five years, to wipe out the NHS so-called financial deficit; and

ii. achievethis by implementing ‘new models of care’ that are set out in NHS England’s 5-Year Forward View (2014).

NHS bodies are severely limited in how they can oppose these cuts because they risk losing access to the £8bn NHS Transformation Fund.

However, local authorities are in an excellent position to make clear their complete opposition to the programme. 

Exeter City Council therefore calls on Devon County Council to join together with other Councils and campaign groups to widely publicise the details of all proposed cuts and changes to local NHS services.

We further call on Devon County Council to refuse to sign up to any STP, until the local proposals have been subject to a full and proper consultation.”

In presenting the Notice of Motion, Cllr Musgrave highlighted that he was proud that his party had created the NHS over 60 years ago and that the NHS was vital providing free health for the residents of this country. He hoped that he would get cross party support to resist the Sustainability and Transformation Plans. The NHS was no longer financially sustainable and the closure and relocation of some services in Exeter were affecting local residents and causing stress on local services. The City Council in supporting this motion would therefore assist the County Council in resisting the plan.

A Member [Cllr Andrew Leadbetter] stated that the County Council had passed a motion opposing these Government proposals and this motion would help the County Council in challenging theSustainability and Transformation Plan.

Another Member [Cllr Kevin Mitchell] stated that the provision of social and health care should be combined and all political parties should work together to find a solution to ensure the long term sustainability of the NHS.

All Members fully supported this motion.

The Notice of Motion was put to the vote and carried unanimously.