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On 14 June 2016, Devon County Council’s Place Scrutiny considered this Report of the Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste (HCW/16/44),  with attendance from Devon and Cornwall Police.

The minutes of the meeting note:
(Councillor Hook declared a personal interest in this item by virtue of being a member of “20 is Plenty”, a national campaign group.)

The Committee received and noted the Report of the Head of Highways, Capital Development and Waste (HCW/16/44) setting out the present positon relating to the County Council’s Policy on Local Speed Limits together with a copy of the current Devon Traffic Policy and Devon Traffic Advice Note.

Members were advised that publication of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) study on a national review of 20mph speed limits had been delayed and was not now anticipated until 2017 and that only after publication of any new guidance from DfT to Local Highway Authorities could the current Devon Policy on Local Speed Limits be reviewed.

Members nonetheless recognised concerns expressed about speed limits and enforcement acknowledging also that these concerns could be dealt with by working with the Police, local communities and the Speed Complaint Action Review Forum (SCARF) whose reviews could include enforcement via police or speed management safety cameras or education (using vehicle activated speed warning signs). It was important to continue collating data.  Working with local communities on self-help schemes was another option, details of which were on the Highways web pages.

The Committee also welcomed Inspector Richard McLellan and PC Mark Goulding from Devon and Cornwall Police who addressed the meeting at the invitation of the Committee outlining the action taken particularly in respect of repeat offenders and the need for collection of data.

It was MOVED by Councillor Hook, and SECONDED by Councillor Ball and
RESOLVED that Cabinet be recommended to make representations to the DfT expressing the Council’s disappointment at the continuing delay in publication of the DfT’s new guidance on 20mph speed limits and Devon MPs be also urged to exert pressure on the DfT for early publication.

The County Council agreed Devon’s speed limit policy in August, 2006. The Report can be seen on the DCC website using
the following link:

A Scrutiny investigation into 20 mph limits was reported at Scrutiny in November 2008. The Task Group covering report can be seen on the DCC website using the following

Scrutiny considered a report on Road Traffic Collisions and Casualties in September 2014 that included a discussion of
20 mph speed limits. The minutes of the discussions can be seen on the DCC website using the following link:

Scrutiny considered a report on Speed Limit Policy in Sept 2015. The minutes of the meeting can be seen on the DCC website using the following link:

Devon County Council Traffic Policy Note DTP 34/05 – Local Speed Limits
This Policy Note DTP 34/05 sets out the criteria for introducing speed limits in Devon

Devon County Council Traffic Advice DTP 34/05 – Local Speed Limits
Policy DTP 34/05 sets out the criteria for introducing speed limits in Devon, this advice note gives further guidance to the
implementation of those speed limits – includes planning guidance.

Local Speed Limits - Assessment [Speed Limit Review]
                            Local Speed Limits – Assessment [Speed Limit Review]

Review of 20mph Limits and Zones within Exeter

Devon County Council has been reviewing the 20mph zones and limits across Exeter.

As part of this review they have identified a number of roads in Cowick that require attention and DCC have detailed the roads and the changes proposed.

Franklyn Drive
This road is covered by the traffic regulation order as a road within the 20mph restriction, however it has never been signed. Due to the nature of the road it is unlikely that traffic would be able to exceed 20mph however bringing it into the 20mph zone will remove the need to sign the road humps in the road.

Recommendation – Readvertise the road as 20mph and erect terminal signs on both sides of the road if approved.

Orchard Gardens
This road is covered by the traffic regulation order as a road within the 20mph restriction, however it has never been signed. Due to the nature of the road it is unlikely that traffic would be able to exceed 20mph.

Recommendation – Remove the road from the traffic regulation order and reinstate the 30mph limit by virtue of street lighting.

DCC  hope to advertise these amendments- and the others across the whole of the city –  as soon as they have received comment  a decision from all elected members (ie councillors!) involved. It is anticiapated that the changes will be advertised early to mid October and implemented by the end of November.

20 mph zones were first introduced in Cowick in 2000, and it was felt then that both Franklyn Drive and Orchard Gardens were suitable for inclusion in the Broadway 20 mph zones. And if DCC had done their job properly back then, these 2 roads would have been within that zone.

I note the recommendation is to reinstate Orchard Gardens to 30 mph by virtue of street lighting.

If DCC had erected the necessary 20 mph gateway signs – and any other repeater roundels/carraigeway roundels –  to make Orchard Gardens compliant back in 2000 then we probably wouldn’t be having this debate.

So please, Devon CC, 20s plenty for Orchard Gardens!