We Own It | Your rail fares up again – time for public ownership!





Rail privatisation has failed – we want public ownership


You can’t be sure your train will arrive on time. But you can be sure that your fares will go up above inflation, every January, regular as clockwork.

The report Rebuilding Rail by Transport for Quality of Life notes that if the railway was in public ownership it would save us all £1.2 billion a year, which could be ploughed right back into lower ticket prices.*

We think it’s time to join the dots. Passengers are paying too much because our privatised railway is wildly expensive. Privatisation has failed.

So this week we released new polling – covered on Sky News, in the Guardian and the Mirror. It’s pretty damning:

•    Only 1% of people think privatisation has been a complete success
•    58% think rail privatisation has failed, with 28% saying it’s a complete failure
•    Nearly half of us think fares would be lower under public ownership (only 13% think they would be higher)

You can see the polling here and add your thoughts to the quotes from our allies in Labour, the Green Party, Action for Rail, Bring Back British Rail and Transport for Quality of Life.

This 1 minute video sums up why we think the railway should be run for people not profit:

Rail fares up again – it’s time for public ownership!

The public is behind us. But the government won’t change track unless we force it to. That’s why we need an army of people ready to say loudly and clearly: our privatised railway isn’t working. We pay for it, we use it, we own it – hand it over.

The chaos on Southern Rail services shows the problems caused by privatisation – like profits coming before safety. Look out for our polling on that coming out next week…

Let’s make 2017 the year the travelling public started to win the fight for public ownership.

Sign up for a railway run for people not profit

Rail privatisation has failed – we want public ownership

http://www.transportforqualityoflife.com/u/files/120630_Rebuilding_Rail_Final_Report_print_version.pdfChris Grayling: Your plans for our railways are out of step with what the public want. We demand that you bring our railways into public ownership and drop plans to privatise rail infrastructure.

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