FoE | Parts of the UK have just broken their air pollution limits for the entire year




06 January 2017


We’re only 6 days into 2017 and parts of the UK have just broken their air pollution limits for the entire year [1]. More places are set to follow in the coming days.

So let’s make this the year that government finally takes air pollution seriously – and commits to get dirty diesel vehicles off our streets.

Public pressure has already seen cities across the world ditch diesel [2].

And just last month we secured a UK-wide ban on the advertisement of the removal of car pollution filters [3].

Together we are turning the tide against air pollution – thank you for all you’ve done already.

But to fight the scourge of early deaths we need our government to commit to rid our roads of diesel vehicles by 2025.

The more of us that join the call to end diesel, the harder it will be for decision makers to ignore us. The time for action is now – let’s make 2017 a turning point in the fight for clean air.

Sign to stop the pollution scandal
“I want the UK to commit to end diesel use on our roads by 2025. Drivers must be supported to use clean alternatives and better public transport.”

Fight the blight of air pollution and save lives. Sign up to ditch diesel today.

It’s a shocking stat: air pollution causes 40,000 early deaths in the UK every single year.

Other health impacts of dirty air – asthma, heart disease and even lung cancer – wreak havoc on people’s lives. Children are particularly vulnerable.

Today, pollution from traffic is the biggest problem, with diesel vehicles the worst of all.

That’s why we’ve got to ditch diesel.

Ditching diesel won’t fix air pollution entirely, but it’s a critical step in the fight for clean air.

Let’s send a clear message: the UK must phase out diesel from vehicles by 2025 and help people access clean alternatives instead.

Together we can build irresistible pressure to end diesel and make the air cleaner for all of us.

[1] Monitoring stations are dotted around the UK and take readings hourly. Pollution levels are only allowed to breach the set limit 18 times a year. At the time of writing Brixton Road in South London has already broken the limit 24 times, and more will follow soon.
[2] Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City have made commitments towards phasing out diesel vehicles from their roads.
[3] Scale of diesel scandal unknown as garages banned from advertising pollution filter removal: get the full story.


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