Devon County Council | FOI request 5440099 – Cost of RPZ in Exeter

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Freedom of Information Act 2000 
Information Request: 5440099 

Date of Request: 14/11/2016
Date of Disclosure: 12/12/2016 



At the meeting of Exeter HATOC held on 19 April 2016, the Committee approved the implementation of a Residents’ Parking Scheme across a wide section of Exeter. The report details suggest that a budget of around £250k is needed to progress the scheme.

Could you provide a breakdown of costs, including if possible:
– officer time to draw up the proposals
– costs of public consultation
– legal costs for advertising the relevant TROs
– cost of signage
– cost of painting relevant boxes on the highway
– cost of installing parking meters
– any other relevant costs

Devon County Council Response

This information is not held by Devon County Council.

The figure of £249,000 was budgeted in 2014/15 when further review of residents parking was agreed with Exeter HATOC, as the scheme has been developed the budgetary allocation was “rolled-over” for use in the subsequent financial years.

The figure was not derived from a detailed analysis of costs, nor an assessment of the final scheme, the scope of works was flexible. The figure was based on professional judgement and past experience of similar schemes. The allocation is sufficient to cover, design, consultation, legal, and implementation costs, any unspent monies will be returned to the On Street Parking account.


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