Devon & Cornwall Police | FoI Request 5417/16 – Penalty Notices for Disorder


Devon & Cornwall Police

Freedom of Information Act Request No: 5417/16

Q1. How many Penalty Notices for Disorder [PND] were issued between 01 August 2015 and 31 July 2016?

The Central Ticket Unit have provided the following information:

Notice Issued between 8/1/2015 and 7/31/2016


Q2. How many offenders were given the option of attending an education course?

Of the above Devon & Cornwall Police offered 94 opportunities to attend a diversion course.

Q3. How many offenders asked to attend a course where a PND with an education option is given?

26 opted to attend and completed a course. 

Q4. How many offenders requested a trial in front of a magistrate?

No requests were made for a court hearing  

Q5. How many PND were unpaid within the 21 day time limit

 The reminder either paid the fine or if they failed to pay the fine then registered to the court.


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