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05 December 2015

Rebecca Wills [RW]:
Good evening. A controversial plan to turn a former shop into a temporary homeless shelter has been given the go-ahead tonight.


It’s location is what traders are unhappy about as it is so close to their businesses. As Harriet Bradshaw reports, many fear they’ll have to put up with more anti-social behaviour in the city centre.

Harriet Bradshaw [HB]: 

BBC Spotlight 04

After 40 minutes of deliberation, councillors have unanimously voted in favour of this scheme which would mean up to 40 rough sleepers during the coldest months would be housed overnight. But there have been concerns and objections from local traders in the area because of the location.

[…package by Harriet Bradshaw…]

Paul Bull [PB]: 


We need a city centre location. 40 rough sleepers on the street in the city centre are what’s needed to be housed.

If we look to locations outside the city centre, the fear is the rough sleepers won’t take up the offer of a warm, safe environment, where we can engage with them.

The shelter could be up and running here on Market Street as early as this time next week

Harriet Bradshaw, BBC Spotlight, Exeter.



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