NEW Devon CC | Your Future Care – additional dates for consultation events










Dear Councillors,

To follow up on my previous emails regarding the Your Future Care consultation, I now attach details of a series of roadshows that have been organised across North, East and West Devon.

The Your Future Care programme aims to bring about a consistent model of care across Northern, Eastern and Western Devon (NEW Devon).

In the Eastern locality of Devon there is a public consultation taking place about the number of inpatient beds required at hospitals in the area. Elsewhere, including in North Devon and West Devon, we are seeking views over how an integrated model could work in practice. We want to seek your views on the new model of care and hope will be able to come along to these roadshows, and we also need your help with publicising these events as widely as possible.

Everyone living in NEW Devon should be able to access great care. At present many of our most vulnerable groups and populations receive lower levels of support. We are continually looking to improve the services we provide to ensure that people have the maximum opportunity to retaining their well-being and independence.

We have to find a way to maximise the care we can provide, making the best use of our scarce resources.

Details of the roadshows can be found in the flyer below.


We have also added two additional dates to the list of public event meetings that we are holding in the Eastern locality of Devon.  These will be in Honiton and Exeter.  A flyer for this is also attached.


For information – The Eastern locality of Devon covers East Devon, Exeter and Mid Devon and parts of West Devon, including Okehampton.


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