Sum Of Us | We Can Still Stop CETA






It’s official: the EU and Canada have agreed on the terms of CETA and signed the deal. But it’s not over yet — the European Parliament still has to approve the deal before it comes into effect. We can still stop CETA.

Cut from the same cloth as TTIP, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement is an international trade deal that hands over more power to corporations to step all over our environment, workers’ rights, and affordable healthcare.

We know CETA is bad news. It’s why more than 340,000 people filled the streets of cities across Germany and Austria to protest CETA and TTIP in September. So if enough parliamentarians defend the interests of the people they represent, CETA won’t stand a chance. But it’s up to us to make sure our MEPs know we oppose trade deals that put profits over people.

We know that our representatives want to hear from us on CETA. Politicians from Wallonia, a small region in Belgium, were strengthened by the support from people all over the EU and made sure that CETA’s signing was temporarily postponed. Thanks to a huge swell in people power, CETA was suddenly not a done deal. Though Wallonia finally agreed to CETA, their opposition proved that we have the power to derail this trade deal.

CETA still needs to be ratified by the European Parliament and every single EU member state — giving us a great chance to deliver the final blow to this corporate power grab. And if we stop the deal in European Parliament, CETA cannot come into effect — not even provisionally.

Thanks to the generous donations of SumOfUs members like you, we’ve been able to ramp up the fight against CETA. Together with our partners, we are launching the next phase of the CETA Check campaign to make sure as many citizens as possible get in touch with their representatives.

We’ve commissioned a short video — to reach even more people right now. We were also able to team up with partner organisations to start planning a documentary on one of the worst parts of CETA: the rules that allow corporations to sue governments over lost profits.

We can’t underestimate the power we have when we come together to hold our representatives to account. Together we’ve brought TTIP to the brink of failure. It’s time we do the same to CETA.

Telling your Member of Parliament to vote against CETA is our best chance to stop the dangerous trade deal altogether. Act now to stop CETA.

More information: 
In Parliament this week: Ceta, data protection, drones, European Parliament News, 7 November, 2016.

Ceta: EU and Canada sign long-delayed free trade deal, BBC, 30 October, 2016.


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