Greeenpeace | Cut toxic emissions


Cut toxic emissions

Dirty air is a problem for all of us. It is not simply dirty, it is toxic and it doesn’t just exist in big cities.

Too often many of us are breathing in nitrogen dioxide – one of the most toxic car pollutants. Diesel cars are the number one culprit for pumping out nitrogen dioxide into our air. The new diesel cars have been found to emit this gas over the legal limit 89% of the time [1].

If we are serious about cutting toxic emissions, we need a diesel free future. Will you join us in sending this message to the Prime Minister, Theresa May?

No matter where you live you have a right to clean air. The UK Government has already been found guilty twice by the High Court for their lack of action. The same case ruled that they had greatly underestimated the impact of diesel cars [2].

We need to take a stand now – our Government needs to be ambitious and hold car companies to account. Those companies have succeeded in putting illegally polluting cars on our roads, but that doesn’t have to be the case in the future.

We can start to get diesel cars off our roads without punishing drivers. The UK can stop adding to the problem by saying no to new diesel cars, making way for greener, cleaner transport.

Every year in the UK, 40,000 people’s lives are cut short [3]. Pollution is the slow but persistent killer. It is time the UK was fuming about how much toxic air is killing people and the climate.

UK government: Cut toxic diesel emissions

Air pollution isn’t just dirty. It is poisonous. Diesel cars produce Nitrogen Dioxide, one of the most toxic air pollutant in cities.

4 out of 5 new diesel cars will be pumping out dangerous levels of Nitrogen Dioxide – some 15 times over the legal limit.

UK’s High Court found the government guilty of underestimating how much diesel cars will worsen the pollution in our air.

Alarming levels of toxicity in the air in the UK causes 40,000 deaths each year. Yet, the government continues to support dirty diesel despite the fact that safer and greener technologies are available.

Sign the petition to tell Theresa May to cut diesel emissions –ban any new diesel cars from coming onto our roads and accelerate the shift to cleaner, greener road transport.

[01] Damian Carrrington, Gywn Topham and Peter Walker: Revealed: nearly all new diesel cars exceed official pollution limits [Guardian, 23 April 2016]

[02] Damian Carrington: High court rules UK government plans to tackle air pollution are illegal [Guardian, 02 Novemeber 2016]

[3] Royal College of Physicians: Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution [23 February 2016]



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