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Give the NHS more funding


Winter is nearly here and the NHS can’t cope as it is. That’s why I’ve just signed this petition calling on the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, to give our NHS the funding it needs to survive this winter.

Right now he’s deciding how to spend taxpayers’ money for next year. The Autumn Statemen will be out in a few weeks’ time, so we still have a chance to show just how much of a prioirty the NHS is for us.

So can you please join me and add your name to this petition now? It takes less than a minute and could mean that the NHS will surive this winter.

mother holding child's hand who fever patients have IV tube.
Mother holding child’s hand who fever patients have IV tube.

Give the NHS more funding

To Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health and Philip Hammond, Chancellor

Petition text
Please use the Autumn Statement to provide more funding for the NHS.
Why is this important?

The NHS has been there for all of us at some point in our lives. It brings our children into the world, treats us when we’re sick, and cares for us in our final days. But our health service doesn’t have enough funding it needs, so the services we rely on are at risk of closing.

Recently experts and even the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, have said that the NHS is headed for a crisis this winter unless it gets the funding it needs. Will you please use the opportunity of the Autumn Statement to give the NHS the funding it so desperately needs.


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