Pavement parking around Coverdale Road in Alphington

The Planning  Committee meeting held on 31 October 2016 considered an application for 4 dwellings on land to the read of the Crawford Hotel [16/0864/03].

Cllr Chris Musgrave attended the meeting, and spoke on this item under Standing Order No. 44.

He made the following points:-

  • serious reservations on behalf of residents relating to loss of quality of living and safety;
  • despite views of the Highways Engineer and the Inspector, parking is a serious problem in Percy Road evidenced by a range of problems including illegal parking, insufficient turning space and with the Police required to leaflet the properties and to issue parking notices;
  • reducing the number of parking spaces in Percy Road will exacerbate the problems and the proposed seven spaces for the four properties is inadequate given the current level of car ownership – with two or three cars per household there is a potential for 16 extra cars entering the development;
  • visibility issues in respect of access to the main road;
  • access via Percy Road is inappropriate; and
  • object on behalf of residents.

He mentioned that the local PCSO had distributed a letter to residents around the area of Percy Road. This is the letter:

Dear local residents

It has come to my attention that there are many residents’ cars who park on the pavement in the vicinity of Coverdale Road.

It is an offence to park on the pavement and is dealt with via a fixed penalty notice and a fine. I am appealing driver’s better nature initially to avoid from parking on pavements.

Parking on pavements causes a high risk to members of the public who have to step into the road and also road users whose view may be inhibited.

I am currently monitoring the situation and prolific offenders will be dealt with via the means above.

I understand that the parking situation is not ideal for those households with more than one car; however I’m sure you will appreciate how serious this could become.

Many thanks for your cooperation with this issue.

Kind Regards

PCSO Ben Jones 30716
Alphington Neighbourhood Police Team


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