Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan [STP]

Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan [STP]

The Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan was published as a draft submitted to NHS England in June 2016 and  sets out plans to improve health and care services for people across Devon in a way that is clinically and financially sustainable.

Health and care organisations as well as local authorities across Devon have been working together to create the shared five-year vision to meet the increasing health and care needs of the population – while ensuring services are sustainable and affordable.

The STP provides the framework within which detailed proposals for how services across Devon will develop – between now and 2020/21.

A key theme throughout the STP is an increased focus on preventing ill health and promoting peoples’ independence through the provision of more joined up services in or closer to peoples’ homes.

Seven priority areas have been identified as key programmes of work:

  1. Ill health prevention and early intervention
  2. Integrated care model
  3. Primary care
  4. Mental health and learning disabilities
  5. Acute hospital and specialist services
  6. Increasing service productivity
  7. Children and young people

The latest draft of the Wider Devon STP to reshape health and care services in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay by 2021 was released on 04 November 2016.

It is planned that the document will be presented to all partner organisation boards or equivalent bodies for consideration and endorsement over the next six to eight weeks.

Following this, the organisations involved will then undertake an engagement exercise involving citizens, patients, service users, their representatives and voluntary sector groups. Feedback will further help shape the plans.

The NHS and its partners will then use the STP framework to develop proposals to improve care.

One of the first organisations to consider the revised draft of the Wider Devon STP was Devon County Council’s Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee, who met on Tuesday 08 November 2016, where the members considered a report by Jenny McNeill, Associate, NEW Devon CCG .

The minutes of the meeting note:

Councillors Brazil and Hawkins attended in accordance with Standing Order 25(2) and spoke to this item on the likely impact of service changes arising from the Plan (and subsequent consultations) on health service provision in their respective localities).

Dame Ruth Carnall, Ms A Pedder and Ms L Nicholas attended and spoke to this item at the invitation of the Committee.

The Committee considered the report of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) Team for wider Devon on the Plan which had been formally published on Friday 4 November (and circulated to all members of the Council). The STP was the local plan to achieve the NHS ‘Five Year Forward View’ published in October 2014 and designed to provide the overarching strategic framework to achieve safe, sustainable and integrated local support by 2021 and on closing the financial gap that existed,  recognising that doing nothing was not an option.  The report covered the timeline and the next steps.

The representatives also gave a presentation covering: the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) and its footprint and the NHS organisations involved, and also included care quality and financial challenges, priority areas and aspirations.

The representatives responded to Members’ questions relating to:
· the role of local members in calling for additional resources from Government noting that the STP was developing within current resources
· the scope for additional one-off funding in respect of transition arrangements arising from changes
· challenges in delivering services as a result of changes
· information in the ‘Case for Change’ about comparative costs of acute beds vis a vis costs of care at home, which the representatives undertook to provide to members of the Committee.

It was MOVED by Councillor Westlake, SECONDED by Councillor Sellis and
RESOLVED that a special meeting of the Committee be arranged (for early December) to consider in detail the recently published Sustainability and Transformation Plan for wider Devon.

Further reading:
Devon-wide STP briefing document

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