Closure and sale of Exeter Emmanuel Church

Following a Feasibility Study – Summary Report carried out by Trevor Gardner Associates for the Benefice of St Thomas and Emmanuel Exeter in March 2013, it was decided that the Mission and Pastoral Care of the Church in the benefice of Exeter St Thomas and Emmanuel would be best served by the union of the parishes of St Thomas and Exeter Emmanuel, and the closure of the Church of Exeter Emmanuel.

The church shut its doors for the final time on Sunday 05 October 2014 [Exeter church that survived the blitz and flooding to close for the final time E&E On-line, 29 September 2014], and a Pastoral Scheme took effect during 2016 which united the 2 parishes and provided that Exeter Emmanuel should be a Chapel of Ease within the new parish

The church is now listed as a closed church available for sale by the Church of England. Savills are handling the sale and, according to details on the Rightmove website, are looking for offers in excess of £150,000.

The process of closing a church are outlined here and outlined in the flow-chart below:

Flow chart: Closing a church building

Much of the formal process has been carried out and things are entering the final – green – phase.

As a local ward councillor for St Thomas, I have been asked as an “interested party” to make comments on the proposed recommendation by the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee to the Bishop of Exeter to close and sell the church of Exeter Emmanuel.

Exeter Emmanuel Church on Okehampton Road






17 October 2016

To all Interested Parties

Mission and Pastoral Measures 2011
Benefice of Exeter St Thomas and Emmanuel 

The Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee is considering making recommendations to the Bishop under the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011 which affects the benefice named above and its constituent parish. The Parochial Church Council has indicated that they can no longer maintain the church of Exeter Emmanuel, and has petitioned the Bishop of Exeter for its closure. I enclose a copy of the preliminary draft proposals which the Committee has under discussion.

Before deciding on its recommendations to the Bishop, the Committee is required to ascertain the views of all interested parties and will consider their views before coming to a final decision on what, if any, recommendations it should make to the Bishop.

An incumbent affected by these proposals has the right under the Measures to meet representatives of the Committee to present his or her views. A Parochial Church Council or its appointed representative may request to meet the Committee’s representatives to discuss its views.

The Rural Dean and Lay Chair should note that the Deanery Synod is not itself an interested party by they are encouraged to keep the Synod, the Synod’s Standing Committee or any ad hoc Deanery Pastoral Committee informed about the progress of the proposals.

Notice is served on the Local Planning Authority and Parish Council of the parish in which the affected church building is situated as interested parties under the Mission and Pastoral Measure.

Although County and Town Councils are not defined as interested parties under this Measure, this correspondence is also copied to these parties as a means of encouraging wider consultation at this stage.

The Ward Councillors for the affected parishes, although not defined as interested parties under this Measure, have also been sent a copy of the draft proposals.

The Local Planning Authority is also asked to advise if it is aware of any other local planning authority in the ecclesiastical  area affected which has not been included on the list of interested parties.

I should be grateful of views, together with any requests for a meeting with the Committee’s representatives, could be forwarded to me in writing as soon as possible, and not later than 19 November 2016.

Revd Dr Adrian Hough

Exeter Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Office
The Old Deanery

List of interested parties
List of interested parties











Further reading:
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