Crisis | Homelessness Reduction Bill passes crucial Second Reading

Hi Paul,

As a Crisis campaigner, I wanted you to be among the first to know that the Homelessness Reduction Bill has passed its crucial second reading in the House of Commons today. A huge number of MPs turned up to support the Bill and it was passed without opposition.

We’re hugely grateful for all the time and passion that thousands of campaigners like you have put into getting the bill this far. The fact that so many MPs were in the chamber for the debate is a direct result of the emails and meetings that have shown our representatives how passionately we care about ending homelessness.

We’ve got the momentum and the cross-party consensus. But this is no time for complacency. There’s still a lot of work needed to get this bill through parliament and to make sure any new law really works for homeless people. So we’ll need your help again. 

But right now we can feel proud that, against the odds, we’re a big step closer to stopping homeless people getting turned away when they ask for help.

Have a good weekend,

Campaigns Manager

PS. We’re not going to ask you to do any more campaigning right now, but if you’re feeling inspired to do more for homeless people you can donate to our life-changing services and campaigning.

Crisis Impact Report: Homelessness ends here

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