Sum Of Us | Together, we helped derail CETA







You, me and millions of people across Europe did it: Together, we helped derail CETA.

Paul, I hope you feel as excited and uplifted as I do! An EU-wide movement of regular citizens stood up against a corporate-backed trade deal that prioritises corporate profit over democracy, workers’ rights, consumer protection, and the planet — and it increasingly looks like we are winning!

Our ad showing EU-wide support of CETA opposition.

Together, millions of us protested against corporate power grabs — online and offline.

Here’s what happened: The EU and Canada were supposed to sign the massive trade pact this week, but all 28 EU member states had to agree first. Many governments had concerns about the deal, but only a handful of politicians from a regional government in Belgium had the courage to actually stop CETA. Wallonia isn’t letting its national government sign the trade pact.

And now, it looks like the official CETA signing is off.

It’s hard to imagine that any of this could have happened without the incredible European-wide support from people like you!

Since Wallonia announced its opposition to CETA, its leaders have been under huge pressure by pro-CETA politicians and corporations. So SumOfUs members from all across Europe sent solidarity messages via twitter — and made sure Wallonia and the whole world knew European citizens had their backs.

Our ad showing EU-wide support of CETA opposition.

Yesterday’s BBC headline on CETA: The Walloons are still standing strong!

Thanks to the generous support of SumOfUs members like you, we were able to quickly pour a lot of our resources into CETA campaigning: Ramping up our support for Wallonia, travelling to Brussels to bring our voices to European Parliamentarians and preparing a plan to stop CETA in the event that Canada and the EU do still manage to sign the trade pact after all.

I’ve been quite touched by the support and engagement of the SumOfUs community to fight for more justice in trade — we’ve proven once again how powerful we are, if we work together.

We’ve already massively derailed CETA’s sister trade deal TTIP — and now it looks like another corporate power grab has hit a roadblock.

I am sure: Pro-CETA politicians and corporate lobbyists will try to find a way to still pass CETA. They will not give up just yet. But neither will we.

With determination and appreciation,

Wiebke and the team at SumOfUs

P.S: Can you support us with a small donation, to help make sure we can keep on pushing back dangerous trade deals like CETA? Click here to chip in and help us continue our fight against corporate power grabs like CETA!


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