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Last week, the Wallonian prime minister, Paul Magnette, did what no other European leader had the courage to do, and declared his government won’t support CETA. [1] He stood up for democracy and became the champion of the millions of Europeans opposing the deal.

The European Commission and the EU’s big member states aren’t willing to give up, and they are putting huge pressure on Paul Magnette to back down in time for a signing ceremony planned for later this week. Now only one thing stands in their way — Paul Magnette and the brave Belgian regions.

Paul Magnette stood up for democracy over corporate power – but he might buckle under the pressure from all sides, unless we can send him a huge show of support from people across Europe. But we don’t have long to act: the EU and Canada are hoping to force Wallonia to retreat in the next 48 hours. So we must stand with Wallonia now!

CETA is a huge trade deal that could hand corporations the power to overturn our laws in their favour. If all EU member states agreed it could mean that everything from environmental protection to consumer safety laws are under threat from greedy corporations.

There are indications that Wallonia is being pressured by the Commission and some big member states. Paul Magnette said he was receiving “thinly veiled threats” because he is trying to make sure CETA doesn’t override basic democratic values. So we need to show the EU politicians that he has support from all over Europe, and we won’t stand for the EU abusing its power.

Our community has been there fighting CETA on every step, for many months. Only a few weeks ago we sprang into action when it looked like Austria might block the deal. We came together in our thousands to launch a people-powered advertisement in one of Austria’s biggest newspapers. Now we have another chance to push back, declare our support for Wallonia and the Brussels region, and tell the EU to finally put the interests of its citizens above those of the corporations.

Can you sign this petition to show that we support Wallonia and demand the Commission declares CETA dead?

Thank you for fighting the bullies back.

Martin, Oliver and the whole We Move Europe team


[1] Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement [CETA] is the proposed free trade deal between Canada and the EU


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