Inconsiderate pavement parking is much more than inconvenience at the school gates

I have to congratulate the Express & Echo for highlighting the issue of inconsiderate pavement park, as it’s a problem that I’ve been raising for many years.

However, it seems that when Cllr Peter Holland and Cllr Percy Prowse spoke to Transport Minister, Chris Grayling, last week, their concerns were limited to pavement parking outside schools – It’s up to council to solve dangerous school gate parking, says transport minister [E&E On-line, 22 October 2016].


For me this issue is much more than this – as it inconveniences parents with buggies, people with disabilities, and those with visual impairments to make but a few.

As an example of this anti-social behaviour I draw attention to 2 examples I’ve witnessed in Newman Road over the past couple of weeks.

In the first example, the car is parked completely on the pavement, meaning there is no way through for any pedestrian, let alone for anyone with a disability or with a pushchair.



In the following 2 examples, partial parking on the pavement still blocks the footpath, inconveniencing vulnerable people.



However, over the same period, Barley Farm Road – where I more often than not observe pavement parking – has been somewhat free of this.


Indeed, there seems to be only one vehicle transgressing!


Driving on (including onto) a pavement is illegal and you can be fined up to £1,000 if witnessed by the police.

The police can issue parking tickets for driving on a pavement, parking across a drop kerb or causing wilful obstruction.

Devon County Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers  can issue parking tickets for parking on double yellow lines or other parking restrictions. They can also issue Advisory Notices for any kind of pavement parking.

So, please on’t park on a pavement.

Reporting pavement parking

Devon County Council want more information about pavement parking in Devon.

They intend to use this to get a clear picture of the issue and to help plan solutions, such as changing the routes of traffic wardens to cover problem areas, or deciding whether the road needs double yellow lines. This data is for long-term planning.

They can’t respond to any immediate issues and they  can’t help in an emergency. If pavement parking is causing a wilful obstruction or there is danger phone the Police on 101.

Use this form to report regular pavement parking. Or call Devon Highways on 0845 155 1004 or 0345 155 1004.

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