Crisis | Government will support Homelessness Reduction Bill

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This afternoon, Secretary of State Sajid Javid confirmed that the Government will support the Homelessness Reduction Bill.

As you will know, the bill aims to end the injustice of homeless people being turned away with little or no help by their local council because they are not considered a “priority” under the law.

This is great news. But because it’s a “Private Member’s Bill”, not government legislation, the Bill remains very vulnerable. Unless at least 100 MPs turn up to back the bill then just one opponent can block it and we could miss this historic opportunity for change.

This follows years of campaigning by tens of thousands of people like you – but now it’s vital we keep up the momentum and don’t get complacent.  

I know you have already contacted your MP but can you help us share the news – and ask your friends to make sure that their MP attends the debate?


Campaigns Manager

PS If you don’t use social media, please forward this email to 5 friends with a note explaining why you think they should back the bill


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