Exeter’s Homeless Problem: Questions with no easy answers

It's complicated with my Exe

When I was a councillor and a candidate in the general election, the advice from my party’s communications gurus was always, “never read the comments section at the end of an online news story.” For anyone who has taken the time to ignore such advice you will know that this section is the playground of the bored and the angry, offering everything from helpful, homely advice to a platform for rage, and the venting of every frustration and grievance at all society’s ills and injustices. Opinions are aired freely, actual facts not so much.

So it was that when I picked up on the Express & Echo’s recent online article, “Gimme Shelter” – a call to action to find the right premises for this winter’s Safe Sleep programme for homeless people – I made the mistake of letting my eyes wander to the very foot of the article…

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