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NHS Consultations – Have Your Say

Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group [NEWDevonCCG] is launching a formal consultation, on community health services in Eastern Devon.

The consultation, called Your Future Care”, will run from the 7th October 2016 to the 6th January 2017.  There will be roadshow events, where people can find out more, and public meetings, where proposed service changes will be discussed.

There are regular newsletters to keep people up to date.

Devon is not alone in looking at changes to how health and care services are provided.  Right across England, the NHS has been required to put together “Sustainability and Transformation Plans”.  These will pave the way for greater joining-up of health and care services, across organisational and geographical boundaries.

The changes are being driven by multiple pressures on health and care services.  We have an ageing population, with more people having long term and complex health conditions.  Money is of course a factor, with continuing financial pressures on public services.  “Workforce development” matters too, with concerns about how the NHS might be staffed post-Brexit.  Other considerations include the physical condition of older NHS buildings, transport issues and so on.

It’s a complex picture, and health service managers will have to juggle many competing priorities.  Among all of this, it is important that they hear what patients and the general public have to say.  We will continue to publicise and support the public meetings and surveys so that as many people as possible can be involved in the debate.

Further reading:
NHS Confederation: Understanding sustainability and transformation plans [30 September 2016]


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