Morning Star | Member banned from running in council elections


28 September 2016

Member banned from running in council elections

by Lamiat Sabin in Liverpool

A Labour member suspended over claims of on-line abuse has resulted in him being excluded from running in county council elections, the Star  was told yesterday.

James Craigie would have been at the Party Conference currently being held in Liverpool to represent Torridge and West Devon CLP if he hadn’t been purged earlier this month.

He was also being considered as a candidate for county council elections next May as well as continuing his role as secretary of the CLP. But his suspension over claims that he had been abusive on social media has halted those plans.

James Craigie – suspension letter

The suspension notice [see above] only said it related to “comments you made on social media on 12 July”.

A hearing for the allegations is due but the date is not set He will be excluded from becoming a candidate in the county council elections if his case is not heard and his membership not restored by 7 October.

Mr Craigie, from Bideford in Devon, runs an open Facebook group and is involved in a few others that are in support of  Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

He left the Lib Dems in 2004 and joined Labour 6 years later. He said this was because he “wanted to bring proper values to British politics.”

Since then he has been extremely active in community and trade union issues. He helped build the membership of a local Unite Community branch to set up a campaign in favour of saving hospital beds.

He is chairman of the union branch and of North Devon-based Save Our Hospital Services – which recently had a 500-strong demo – and is currently planning more events


From: Labour Party Rule Book 2016

Chapter 6 – Clause 1 – 1A that Jame Craigie breached on 12 July 2016


So what did James post on his Facebook page on 12 July?

The first was a share of a Red Labour Red Britain – Angela Eagle has a tough day at the office

Angela Eagle has a tough day at the office
Angela Eagle has a tough day at the office

The other was a spoof of Angela Eagle’s campaign banner:

Angela – Real Leadership

Now I only found them – even though I’m a Facebook friend of James – because of the suspension letter revealing the date. What time and effort was spent trawling through James’ and other social media feeds to find such evidence to effect a purge?



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