ECC Media Release | New strategy looks at ways of keeping Exeter’s streets cleaner and tidier

Media Release | 02 September 2016

New strategy looks at ways of keeping Exeter’s streets cleaner and tidier

Exeter could see a revolution in the way it keeps its streets clean if a new strategy gets the go-ahead.

Changing shift patterns, installing smart litter bins that compact waste and replacing traditional litter pickers with street vacuums are just some of the ideas behind the Clean Streets Strategy, which goes before Exeter City Council’s Executive on 13 September.

The Strategy also looks at changing the behaviour of residents and visitors and increasing enforcement for things like littering, dog fouling and graffiti.

Cllr Rob Hannaford, Lead Councillor for Place, said the City Council currently spent £1.4 million keeping the city looking good. This includes street sweeping, pavement cleaning, removal of graffiti and fly-posting and servicing dog and litter bins.

“Exeter is a beautiful and well-looked after city but with a growing population and more and more disposable goods, keeping the city looking good is getting more and more challenging.

“We don’t have extra resources to tackle these challenges but by working smarter and looking at things like shift patterns and new technology on offer we believe that we can do things more efficiently and ultimately better for Exeter.”

The strategy would explore ways of improving the standards of cleanliness in the city centre and maintaining standards throughout Exeter. There would be an emphasis on need rather than frequency and targeting staff resources at the times of highest demand.

The strategy also suggests working with local communities and schools to reduce litter dog fouling and graffiti, introducing ‘street champions to report problems in neighbourhoods and act as environmental champions and working with local businesses to tackle litter in the city centre.


Notes for Editors
Exeter City Council: Report on Clear Streets Strategy [#ECCplace Scruntiny Committee, 08 September 2016]

Exeter City Council: Clear Streets Strategy 2016 [#ECCplace Scruntiny Committee, 08 September 2016]


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