BT consultation on removing payphone boxes

BT consultation on removing payphone boxes


Exeter City Council’s City Development service has received a consultation from BT regarding proposals to remove ten public payphone boxes in the City. I attach the consultation material [below].

The boxes generated between 0 and 183 calls each in the last year

There was a similar consultation exercise a few years ago on the removal of an earlier tranche of boxes where the City Council objected to the removal of some, with no success.

You will note that consultation notices were placed on the affected boxes on 24 August advising anyone seeking further information to contact ECC as the local authority planning department . The 90-day consultation period closes on 30 November 2016.

There  are not plan at present  for ECC to propose to object to any of the proposals. The case officer who will deal with any enquiries will be Laura Caller. Please address any enquiries to her at:

The consultation process gives local communities the opportunity to adopt a traditional red heritage phone box [designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott] and make them an asset that local people can enjoy. It’s really simple to do, and it costs just £1. More details on the Adopt a Kiosk scheme HERE.

And what can the kiosk be used for? Well that’s up to you – but here’s a few ideas.

K6 red telephone kiosk designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott

Payphone boxes in Exeter under consideration for removal:


Kinnerton Way kiosk 01
Kinnerton Way kiosk 01
Kinnerton Way kiosk 02
Kinnerton Way kiosk 02
Kinnerton Way kiosk 03
Kinnerton Way kiosk 03
Gloucester Way kiosk 01
Gloucester Road kiosk 01
Gloucester Road notice
Gloucester Road notice

Further reading:
BT plans to close 82 phone boxes in and around Exeter [E&E on-line, 14 October 2016]

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