Amnesty International | Ask your local council to stand against hate

Amnesty International




Along with local councillors across the country, I  have been receiving a set of e-mails co-ordinated by Amnesty International, encouraging local residents to ask their local council to stand against hate.

Here’s my response….
Many thanks for your e-mail co-ordinated by Amnesty International.
Like you I am dismayed at the recent rise in hate crime across the country, and more particularly, here in Exeter.
It is becoming abundantly clear that a certain number who voted “Leave” last week believed that Brexit would lead to the deportation of migrants already living in the UK.
Devon & Cornwall Police are taking a zero tolerance approach to this issue and I would urge anyone suffering xenophobic abuse – or anyone witnessing such actions – to report such incidents to the D&C Police and the relevant local authorities.
D&C Police are keen to  encourage reports of all hate incidents and hate crimes towards individuals from all minority groups and we are keen for these to be reported at the earliest opportunity, and they urge communities, our key networks and independent advisors to work with us to report any ‘hate’ incidents and ensure that anyone who may be a victim of such unwanted behaviour will receive the help and support they need.
To report an incident or crime , please contact D&C Police at:
Telephone: 999
SMS/Text: 999 – if you are Deaf/hard of hearing or speech impaired
Non Emergency:
Telephone: 101
SMS/Text: 67101 – if you are Deaf/hard of hearing or speech impaired
In addition, Citizens Advice’s public website has some useful information on racist and religious hate crime:
I hope the above actions help put your mind at rest that ECC are doing all we can to support local migrant communities at this difficult time.
If I can be of any further assistance in this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.
Cllr Paul Bull
Labour and Cooperative Councillor for St Thomas
Portfolio Holder and Lead Councillor for Communities and Neighbourhoods
If you, too, want to to do the same you can do so by entering your postcode here.

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