St Thomas Community News | Thank You!


Thank You!

The St Thomas team: [L-R: Cllr Paul Bull, Cllr Hannah Packham, Cllr Rob Hannaford]
Following the merger of the old Cowick and St Thomas wards into the revised ward of St Thomas, the three successful Labour candidates wish to thank everyone who voted for them on 05 May.

As elected members of the old wards, we have spent the past 6 months speaking to residents across the ward, listening to the quietest voices, looking at ways to address their concerns.

The results were:
Rob Hannaford – 1502 [elected for 4 years]
Hannah Packham – 1314 [elected for 3 years]
Paul Bull – 1219 [elected for 2 years]

We thank you for renewing your faith in us.

We are honoured to represent the people of St Thomas and the Labour Party.

As we move forward, we all know that the hard work begins now – to represent all the residents of St Thomas, whether they voted for us or not.

We will constantly strive to repay the trust the esidents of St Thomas have placed in us, and look forward to seeing you in community.


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