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2016-02-22 08.38.28
Cllrs Hannah Packham and Paul Bull at the First & Last Junction during the busy morning rush hour

Over the years, our local councillors have considered many options surrounding the junction at First & Last – where 4 busy roads converge: Cowick Lane, Dunsford Road, Buddle Lane and Cowick Street.

At times, drivers ignore the rules surrounding yellow box junctions – yet according to Cllr Paul Bull, Devon County Council refuse to install cameras to aid enforcement.

Cllr Paul Bull suggestions: “Since the rules say that there should be no obstructions on the exit from a box junction, it may be time to discuss moving the bus stop outside Trophyman.

“There is no out-bound bus stop on the opposite side of the road – the equilvalent stops are around the corner: the A to Alphington stops 50m or so along Cowick Lane and the E/F1/F2 Exwick services stop outside the entrance to Bowhill school.

“In-bound there is a stop for the A bus on the opposite side to the road to  the out-bound one. However, there isn’t an equivalent one on Buddle Lane – but if  an in-bound bus stopone was placed in the lay-by by The Green Gables, the one at the First and Last  could be removed”

Your Labour team are keen to know your views


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