E&E Community News | St Thomas – Spring [Deep] Clean

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10 March 2016

E&E Community News | St Thomas – Spring [Deep] Clean

A part of St Thomas is due to have an early spring clean.

In response to local concerns from residents, local councillors have been able to confirm areas that are to get a deep  by the City Council this year.

The areas currently on the list are Old Vicarage Road, Tin Lane , Powderham Road, Shaftesbury Road , Duckworth Road , Barton Road through to the Cowick Street entrance, Church Path Road, Holland Road, Parkhouse Road, Coleridge Road, Churchill Road , and the rear of Cowick Lane that backs on to the terraced areas.

The clean up time will run from Monday the 14th March to Thursday 24th March 2016 and focus primarily on those roads that have been so far identified.

Local councillor Paul Bull said: “This was one of the main issues that we picked up locally after listening to local people in this part of St Thomas, so we wanted to get these areas on the list for action , especially as many of the back alleys are getting very grubby , weeds need pulling , and there is some general dumping and litter, and we are regularly getting complaints.

“We will look to putting out a local street letter to the effected properties ahead of the allotted time to help raise awareness.”

Cllr Hannaford added: “it will be really good to get some spring cleaning done at these locations.

“It’s been a rough old wet winter and the mild weather has meant that many of the weeds have not died back as usual so, with all the high winds and storms, they will have been a magnet for litter blowing around.

“Also many people in these terraced areas actually use their back alleys a lot for access, for example taking the dogs for a walk, so it’s really important they are kept clear nd clean”

If residents would like more information , or suggest other areas in St Thomas that need attention, please email cllr.paul.bull@exeter.gov.uk , rob.hannaford@devon.gov.uk  and cllr.hannah.packham@exeter.gov.uk.

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