Final 10 planning applications for Laing Easiform properties

Exeter City Council are about the embark on Phase 2 refurbishment of their 17Laing Easiform properties on the Buddle Lane estate – on Bowhay Lane, Merrivale Road, Myrtle Road, Newman Road and Oak Road. [NB: Since the earlier retrofit of 3 other properties, 69 Newman Road was sold on in December 2014].


Following a structural report carried out by an expert in the field of non traditional housing [Kendall Kingscott Partnership, who worked on the Sovereign  trickle transfer properties in the same area], the plan is to demolish each property and reconstruct – rather than retro-fit as before, since this did little to extend the life expectancy of the dwelling.s

Neighbour Notification letters were sent out by Exeter City Council in November 2015 – to occupiers in both the attached properties and unattached property.


Planning applications for 7 properties were submitted in February, and now the remain 10 have been submitted – including a Design and Access Statement



This statement has been prepared on behalf of the applicant, Exeter City Council.

The purpose of this statement is to support the submission of a planning application for the demolition and reconstruction of the existing property, including a 2-storey extension to the rear of the building.

The property to which this statement relates is situated in the Cowick area of Exeter.

This application is for the demolition and reconstruction of the existing property, which also includes remodelling of the internal layouts and a 2-storey extension to the rear of the building.

The front elevation of the property will remain mostly unaffected in terms of its appearance.

Window openings in the new external wall will match the size of those found previously in terms of width. The cill height of the ground floor window may well vary depending on whether the kitchen is located at the front or rear of the new property.

The new entrance door into the property will receive a lean-to-roof and canopy over.

The existing building has a dashed render finish, with white u-PVC windows, doors, rainwater goods, soffits and a fibre cement slate roof covering.


2.01 Use

The aims of the proposal are to demolish the existing property which has been structurally condemned and the construction of a new property which complies with modern-day standards and is more thermally efficient. Therefore the use of the building remains the same, which is residential.

2.02 Layout

The layout has been developed to provide the property with a ground floor WC, kitchen/diner, lounge, first floor bathroom and 3 bedrooms. The application drawings show the layout for the property.

2.03 Landscape

The existing soft landscaping is to remain unaltered. Soft landscaping works are to consist of the re-grading of the existing grassed areas to suit the new footpaths and patio areas.

The proposed hard landscaping for the property is to comprise of a new concrete footpath leading from the public footpath to the front door and continuing along the side of the property to the rear garden. Outside the rear door will be an area of flag paving as indicated on the proposed site plans.

If existing hedging and poor condition fencing is needed to be removed, new close-boarded timber boundary fences are to be constructed, complete with new front and rear gates to match the fencing.

2.04 Appearance – external materials

The external materials have been chosen to match those of the existing property, which is to be demolished.

The external walls are to consist of a new timber frame structure with an insulated render system finish.

External windows, doors, fascias, soffits and rainwater goods are to be of white u-PVC, and Marley Eternit fibre cement roof slated to the main and lean-to roof constructions.


3.01 In addition to this Design Report & Access Statement, the following information is provided:

– completed forms

– drawings

  • 150624 AP(0) 49 Location Plan


  • 150625 AP(0) 50 Existing Plans


  • 150626 AP(0) 51 Proposed Plans


3.02 Flood Risk

The property is situated in a location with no flood risk

3.03 Drainage

The existing drainage is mains sewer. The proposals will be connecting into the existing drainage and discharging into the existing mains sewer.

3.04 Highways Access

The is no new vehicular or pedestrian access from the highway.


Access to the estate where the proposed development site is located is via Dunsford Road and Buddle Lane.

Existing Fire Brigade access routes and fire fighting areas shall be kept clear at all times.


5.01 External

Access into the property will be via a new concrete footpath leading to the entrance door from the existing public footpath. The new concrete footpath will continue along the side of the property to the rear gardent.

5.02 Textured surfaces

The existing dashed render finish will be replaced by the new insulated render system proposed for the new external wall construction.

5.03 External Lighting

The proposals include for new external lighting to the front elevation of the property, which will be operated by a PIR sensor.

5.04 Doors & Thresholds

Door furniture will be clearly distinguishable from the door by the light reflectance level required.

All thresholds are to be flush.



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