One thought on “E&E | Rebuilding plan for old Exeter council homes

  1. There has been an objection from a neighbour to the planning application for 39 Merrivale Road, Exeter EX4 1PX [16/0141/16].

    The adjoining owner has raised concerns that relate to blocking light out of the bedroom window and the effect on a recently erected fence.

    “I’m very concerned about the proposal of a 2 storey rear extension on the property of 39 Merrivale Road. The house is attached to my house [37 Merrivale Road] and everyone has a single storey extension, so I’m worried a 2 storey is going to block our light by the wall blocking my bedroom window. I would like Mike Smith to come out and look, and explain how this is not going to affect us. I have rang today and spoke to someone, and he looked on the website to view the plans, but they are not up on the website today [08/02/16]

    As a result this has to go Planning Committee on 14 March 2016 – the report that goes before that committee can be seen HERE


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