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04 February 2016

Community News | #EXEStThomas

Community Orchard is the first step towards Cowick Barton activity trail

The Bloom’In St Thomas group will be entering the ward in the Royal Horticultural Society’s pennant award scheme this year.

The group is aiming to develop a tree and nature trail to include Cowick Barton Playing Fields, Pinces Gardens, St Thomas Pleasure Grounds and St Thomas churchyard.

And the project took a giant step forward last weekend when more than 50 volunteers  turned up to plant a community orchard in Cowick Barton playing fields.

The trees were provided through a grant provided from county councillorsRob Hannaford’s community budget.

The volunteers were joined by local councillors Paul Bull and Hannah Packham.

Cllr Bull said: “The orchard marks the route of the planned activity trail, and suitable fitness equipment will be installed along the route, after further consultation with users an potential users of the playing field.

Pride of place in the new orchard has been given to a new Lucombe Oak – a large semi-evergreen tree and which was developed by William Lucombe, who had extensive nurseries in St Thomas, in 1762.

Cllr Packham said “Exeter City Council had arranged a graft of one of the Lucombe Oaks at Killerton.”

Another Lucombe Oak is to be planted in Pinces Gardens and the group would also like to develop and extend the existing wildflower plantings in Cowick Barton and Pinces Gardens, as well as new plantings in the churchyard and St Thomas Pleasure Grounds,

Great Western Railway will provide advertising posters for the the tree trail to be displayed along the Riviera Line.


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